Manchester Oil Refinery

Grinding Oil

Obtain from us Gen Next Grinding Oil, which is a low viscosity, mineral-based oil formulated for grinding or cutting steel, carbide, quartz, and crystal. It is ideal where a high lubricity, low viscosity cutting or grinding oil is required. Oil Grip also finds use in honing and finishing of surgical knives and other products that require a very fine finish. The high flash point and non-toxic, biodegradable components of Oil make it safe to use.



  • Faster machining
  • Less tool-wear
  • Good compatibility with all machine components
  • No cracking on the surface of the workpiece
  • High flashpoints at low viscosity
  • Increased machine life, less grinder maintenance compared to water based coolant
  • Improved work piece surface finish
  • Excellent lubricity
  • No foaming or suds
  • No problems with bacterial growth